Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday at Home - Penny

My sister Pam flew back home on Sunday. I drove home yesterday and am wasting time. I have The Bad Girls Book Club tonight - where half of us don't show up and the other half don't read the book. I didn't read the book, but I'm going anyway :) I found some inspiration bedrooms at www.marieclaire.com. I'm thinking of doing something like this for the grandkids.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pam Up North

Pam (Penny's sister) flew into Detroit on Sunday. We had a great visit with Amber and family and drove north on Monday. We got to town in time to sight see in Charlevoix and have cocktails at the Weathervane. We sat out on the deck and watched the bridge go up and down. Today was supposed to be trip to Mackinac Island but we were fogged out. Instead, we shopped in Mackinaw City and Harbor Springs. that's Pam in front of Tom's Mom's Cookies. Yum!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Katamari Cake by Amber

Okay, I wish I could make this cake. We are huge Katamari fans! I found it on Cake Wrecks, I forgot to note who made it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Double Ear Infection! by Amber

Well, I have been a blogging dud, but Beans has yet another round of ear infections (thank you, teething). Here is what causes childhood ear infections, cause I am a Med Tech after all.....

2010 Gallery Walk - Penny

I went on the Gallery Walk last night with a couple of friends. It was a beautiful evening. Town was packed. The sad thing though is there were only seven galleries on the walk. That's much fewer that in years past. It's so sad that so many galleries went under in the last couple of years. What we did see was very cool. I hadn't been to Stafford's Gallery before and it is big with many interesting works. See picture above. Check out www.staffords.com One of my all time favorites was Valerie's gallery. See more of her work at www.valeriethomson.com

The weather was perfect. We had dinner at the Noggin Room - Depot salad yum! The evening ended at the veranda outside the Perry Hotel and we anxiously waited for the free art give aways. None of us won, but the sunset was fabulous. Thanks to Jerry at www.jerryhoughton.com for the sunset pic.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation Dreamin' Penny

Okay, today is the first day of my summer vacation. I should be cleaning house and getting ready for Rachael and Pete to arrive tomorrow. However, I am sitting here browsing, with my second cup of coffee and a cat by my side. I happened upon this site and began to dream . . . . Sooo girlies let's plan a vacation to the Amalfi coast. We'll stay in the village of Positano were we can explore the surroundings and take the ferry to Capri. Oh I know let's stay here at the Apartment Joy! I found this at www.holidayhouseinitaly.it Whadya think?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Rocker from Penny

Amber, isn't this the cutest thing. I love it. Beanz is too "active" now for it but it is still very cool. I found it on a blog called Madam Herve: Behind the Curtain.

Just a follow up on the Butter Jesus. Haywood Banks wrote another verse to the song yesterday. He sang it on the Bob and Tom show this morning. I heard it on the way to work. Too funny. The story also made it in the PNR, picture and all. Heehee.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cupcakes! By Amber

So cupcakes are the new black. I hosted a bridal shower this weekend for my BFF Kristle and instead of a shower cake, I bought a dozen gourmet cupcakes. With flavors like Drumstick, Samoa, and Grumpy Cake, who can chose? And I gave the bride Hello, Cupcake along with an adorable cupcake apron. And some round cake pans. And a travel cake pan. And an icing knife. I like cake.

Butter Jesus Burns! from Penny

Oh No!! I got a text from Amber today that the Butter Jesus statue in Ohio burned last night. It was struck by lightning. Hmmm. It was the scariest looking thing. We watched it being built on our several trips down to Cincinnati while Rachael was working on her master's at CCM. At first we couldn't figure out what it was going to be and then when it was complete, we couldn't figure out why it came to be. A kind of creepy HUGE yellow Jesus stuck in the ground. Haywood Banks sings a hilarious song about the Butter Jesus.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Decorative Art vs Fine Art - Penny

I'm taking a decorative art painting class. I have never painted anything but walls before this. First you trace the design and then you paint it in using directions for the colors. I am only able to do this at my instructor's house as I need adult supervision! The first picture is of the design we trace and then there is the finished product. So there! Occasionally one of us does finish a project.

Lazy Saturday - Penny

This is the first weekend that I have been home in forever. I went to a bridal shower today and we did a really cool thing. There were about 20 guests and instead of watching the bride open one gift at a time for hours, each guest got a gift and we all opened them up at once. Then we each took turns reading the cards and showing off the gifts. Way faster and everyone was involved. It was such fun! In a parallel universe, Amber is hosting a bridal shower downstate today as well. I want pictures - hint.

Speaking of which here is one just for M II. I found it at www.FFFFOUND.com

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Line Up

Well we said a blog isn't worth it's salt unless it has pictures of things lined up. Mischler Traxler did this one and it really is cool. He makes bowls using fruits and veggies. See more at blog@sub-studio.com

Friday, June 4, 2010

I can make that!

I am cursed with the knowledge but not the gumption to make, create, "do it myself." I love this. (sigh) My apologies to whose ever site I found this on. I forgot to get the credits. If anyone knows where this came from, please let me know.

Arnie and the Eggs

The eggs are from the Traverse City Farmers' Market, and it appears that the thing to do on a blog is line up pretty objects to photograph from above. This was supposed to be cool and artistic. And it was, to Arnie at least. Arnie finds lots of things interesting, so we aren't too confident of his opinion. Penny boiled the eggs, made egg salad, added avocado, and found the eggs delicious.