Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crafty Goodness

Hey Amber, I spent the weekend teaching Miss Thang to crawl better and faster. Hehe. Look out when you get home! I also had time to wander around on the net and found two wonderful sites. The first is by Ana at She figures out plans to build furniture found in Pottery Barn and the like. She drew up some sweet plans for a child's kitchen set. The crafters at built is. Isn't it sweet?

The Crafting Chicks also made some very cool quiet books. Amber, maybe we could actually make one when you come up next week. Check out the cool pictures below.

We will have to modify and make sure there aren't any parts she can swallow. For her first book we can make simple big shapes with different textures. What do you think?? I was also thinking that since we are doing homemade Christmas this year, maybe MII would like to get in on it too. I've been thinking about doing an ABC book using pictures from up north. Maybe MII would like to take the pictures and write the text. We could have it put together by Snapfish or whoever. Do you think he'd be interested? He could do a number, shape or color book if the ABC book is too long.

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