Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Loving Fabric Necklaces

So I saw a very cool fabric necklace in Traverse City a few weeks ago and in true Wrinkly fashion I sketched it out in my handy dandy little notebook of inspirations. That little sucker is chock full of things I will never make. Anyway I have spied a few more examples and I googled a DIY tutorial as well. I'm in love.

Okay, these look like pom-poms but that's still fabric right? I found these at The lacy ribbon one below is also from Imkeklee as well.

Not sure why the picture of the guy popped on too but maybe he is modeling a necklace. Oh well.

I found this tutorial at It's called a T shirt necklace. Not sure if it's called that because it is made out of tee shirt fabric or you're supposed to wear it with a T shirt. Looks kind of busy doesn't it?

This one comes from Love it, love it love it!

This last one is also a DIY of a necklace from Anthropologia. You can find it at

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