Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scoring an Orla Kiely bag

I am so excited. I first saw this bag on Daily Candy Chicago. They have a discount shopping program called Swirl. They tease what is up and coming on their sales. I picked this bag out and couldn't wait till the sale began. When I logged on the day of the sale, the bags were all already sold. What!! I was so bummed. Then I decided to go to and lo and behold it was on sale even cheaper than at Daily Candy. Hmmmm. It arrived today and it is so pretty. Doing the happy dance.

I spent last weekend downstate and had planned on going to IKEA on my way home to get my next installment of the Expedit bookcases. I have a small car and need to do this in shifts. Well, they were all gone! Apparently this is their busy time with all the college kids decking out their rooms. What ever happened to a couple of milk crates and call it done? Grrrrr

I go back down this weekend so I will try again. Plus I still haven't painted the wall that the bookcases will set on. I've been busy?


  1. Cool bag, I like the optical illusion it plays that makes it look like it's flying. Is it like that in person too?

    And I really think you just have them paint everything- in the grand scheme of things, what's an extra wall?

  2. Cool bag, Penny! See, I told you I was following you ;)

  3. That bag is even better in person. Looks like a dragon fly. Better watch the bag though, purse snatcher might nab it just for the purdy-ness.