Monday, August 2, 2010

Tea Cups, Tea Cups, Tea Cups

I bought a vintage birdcage at an antique show in July. I couldn't think of what to put in it until Amber suggested a small plant. The first plant I bought was HUGE and did not fit at all. My Tupper vision was way off. Try number two was a success. I put a succulent in a tea cup and I think it is very cute.

Amber and Mike made two tea cup yard ornaments for me several Christmas' ago. I am limited in the number of SOS I can have in my yard. (stuff on a stick - family friendly version). Here is how I solved that problem. I have a tomato planter that had slots for a trellis. Instead, I planted flowers and put the tea cups in the slots. Next year I think I'll plant climbing flowers to climb up the stakes.

I got to wondering what other kinds of tea cuppy goodness is out there in the world. Here is some of what I found:

Tea cup pendants at Stripe, Santa Cruz via

Tea cup candle source unknown

Tea cup cupcakes via

Tea cup flower arrangement source unknown

Make this lamp with DIY info at

Or just buy one from

Here are some beautiful tea cup wine goblets. How did they do this? via

Tea cup pincushion source unknown.

Now I want to run out and buy more of these lovelies to make some of these projects. Hmmmm, in true wrinkly fashion I am probably just dreaming.

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