Monday, September 27, 2010

Car Service Woes

I finally got my car in to be fixed. they thought it would take a half day but it took all day. So I stayed home from work, no wheels and putzed. I bought the lovely necklace on line at Staying home on a work day can be dangerous!

This necklace is amazing. Doesn't look like someone just hooked a bunch of necklaces to a chain necklace! via

I love the mismatched chairs painted the same color via ohdeedo

Another cool necklace from The Moldy Doily

I love everything about this picture, the skirt, the top and the cut out backdrop. It's from la casita de Wendy via

And one more crazy necklace from The Moldy Doily.

So back to work tomorrow with a car that will now go backwards. Yippee!!!

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