Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Well, I don't know what got into me, but I slept in this morning until 10:30!! I went to the movies last night with my friend S and we saw The Town with Ben Affleck. It was pretty violent but had great shots of Boston. Then S and I went to dinner at the South American Grille. We didn't have a late night so I guess I just needed the sleep. So I'm still in my pjs and I won't tell you what time it is now :) but I found some cool things while browsing. The first one below is from Sharon at She has a DIY tutorial on how to iron homemade decals on your walls. She says they are easy to do and peel right off when you are tired of them.

This fall decoration idea comes from

And this little guy is adorable isn't he? via

I guess I will get dressed, finally. It's a pretty, sunny day so I'll drive up to Pond Hill Farm and get a pumpkin or two. Have a lovely, lazy Sunday.

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  1. Must be something in the air- I'm still in my yoga clothes from this morning! After class, I picked up supplies to make my own heart/flower collage like the one you featured from mondo cherry. Will let you know how it goes!