Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Fun

Lucky me, I got to go downstate and visit with Amber and the kids. Mike took over my condo for a golf weekend with the boys. Amber had to work today so I had the whole day to play with kiddos! M needed a DS fix after a hard week in third grade and it was rainy yucky out. Miss Thang is teething so we spent most of the day rolling around on the floor. M and I did get to play a rousing game of Mouse Trap.

Amber came home, scooped us up and took us to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. We saved room for their signature dessert the Volcano - a brownie tower with ice cream, whipped cream and hot fudge. Beansie was a little confused by the fireworks.

And then all she got was a banana to eat!

M had no trouble polishing off a big chunk of molten lava.

And yes we had a take home bag. That thing was huge!! Our waiter said they serve about 100 volcanoes a night.

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