Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Weekend in Chicago and Other Shennanigans

I spent the weekend with Rachael and Pete. I had a fabulous visit. Rachael was in an opera with the Lyric Opera of Chicago. She is in the chorus and was a snake witch in Macbeth. I had the best time! She took me backstage to the dressing rooms. It is HUGE back there. I met several of the other choristers. Each of them has a big dressing table with lit mirrors. All of her costumes were hanging behind her. There is even a wig room with everyone's multiple wigs. Rachael's witch wig was red with a green snake coiled around it. I will post pictures soon.

The set was amazing. It was clad in stainless steel. Very dark and scary!

The show was on Sunday. Rachael had a rare Saturday off. We went downtown and I went to the Merchandise Mart for the first time. We looked at very expensive bathrooms and kitchens. Next we had a late lunch at The Purple Pig. It is situated on the river. It was a beautiful unusually warm day. We sat outside under the purple tent. It specializes in small plates and pork. Rachael and I shared several yummy selections.

The tent was set up just past these gates.

We ordered this pannini. It's a very small picture of a small plate. If you are ever in Chicago you should give The Purple Pig a try.

Remember I featured heart cut out pictures from a while ago. Well crafty Rachael was inspired and made one to go in her bedroom makeover. Isn't it pretty? It's not on the wall crooked, I took the picture weird.

It's hard to tell, but she has an accent wall of wallpaper. It is metallic silver flowers on a white background. It is very cool. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Look at sassy Sammy enjoying a rest on the white duvet cover.

I flew home on Monday evening. Miss Veronica was under the weather. She is an old kitty with lots of aches and pains. But this time I just needed to take her in to the vet. Well, many dollars later and a night's stay at the vet, she is back home. I put her in the crate so she can rest without Arnie the big red menace jumping on her and wanting to play. At first I thought he was sitting outside her crate to keep her company and then I caught him stealing her food through the bars. What a brat!

Poor Miss V was dehydrated, had a bladder infection, her kidneys are compromised and she may have cancer. I will get the test results back next week. In the meantime she is on antibiotics for the infection and she now has prescription cat food for her kidneys.

She has always been a cantankerous kitty. She hisses when it rains. She yells at you when she thinks something may upset her. I call it preemptive retaliation. I hope that feisty spirit keeps her going.

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