Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

I spent the weekend at Amber's. I was supposed to babysit while she and Mike went to a wedding. But on Friday night Mike wasn't feeling well so Amber and I did a little shopping and then ended up in Clarkston for dinner. We had an hour wait at the Woodshop restaurant so we went window shopping and lucky us some stores were open till 9:00

We shopped at Frank and Me, a great little accessories store. They also served wine while we browsed. We went to KH Home, a design store. They also had wine and fondue. By the time we had finished all that wine, it was time for dinner and more wine :)

On Saturday, Mike still wasn't feeling well so they didn't go to the wedding. Amber and I made an IKEA run and I got my last 4 X 4 bookcase. Yeah. Check out this picture of Beans hanging out in her swing.

Look at those teeth!

This blog entry is wandering, however I wanted to share these great scarecrows. I took these pictures in front of the Charlevoix Library on Monday. There were many more but here is a sample.

Pretty spooky huh?

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