Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I may be the only one not partaking in the craziness of Black Friday. Amber has to work and Beans is sick. Mike is taking her to the doctor's office as I write. So M and I are watching Ben 10 on the Cartoon Network and I am dreaming of my trip to Brooklyn this summer.

I want to see a concert on the barge through Barge Music. I've looked at the offerings and can't wait to reserve tickets when the summer lineup comes out.

Here's a restaurant that looks like fun. Four and Twenty Blackbirds specializes in pies of course. I like the sounds of strawberry and balsamic pie and ginger pear. Yum


I love pie!

They feature local artists on their walls.

Just a note - Kim and Scott over at have mentioned their Thanksgiving dinner at Rachael's and Pete's yesterday. Check it out, they had sweet things to say.

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