Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm back home and I've put in a day's work. We are slammed right now with many students to evaluate. It makes it difficult this time of year to work around the change in schedules because of practices for Christmas programs and the like. My team decided not to give each other gifts this year. Instead we are doing the Snowman project at work. We picked a one month old baby to buy for. We bought clothes, diapers, wipes and toys. We have a big red and green plastic container filled with goodies. It's such a nice feeling to be able to help others.

I just found out that son-in-law Pete has a shop on It is called Woodhouse Pipes. See the cool pipe below that he carved.


I really like the elements in this picture - knitting, macaroons and Orly Kiely printed fabric. Yeah! Via

Amber and I went to IKEA yesterday and I bought two more pieces of Expedit bookcases. I got two by twos but I still need a one by five tower but they were out of stock. Grrrr. I bought a couple of Christmas presents too. We also went to a Home Goods store. It is owned by TJ Maxx and is full of great stuff for the house at really good prices. More presents were purchased.

I picked Arnie up from the kennel after school today. He went to kitty camp while I was gone for Thanksgiving. He's been kind of lonely since Veronica passed away. He looks around the house for her. I will get him a new friend from the pound soon.


  1. Whew! Got your great pics and will be forwarding them to the newspapers locally, after I crop and adjust for their purposes...must cater to our community resources, right?!
    Glad to be back on board!

  2. Good talking to you last night! Looking forward to more blogs and seeing you a couple of times this winter!