Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blogs That Became Books

I have been interested in the trend of blogs evolving into books. I stumbled upon This is such an optimistic blog! It celebrates the good things about every day life. Who wouldn't want to open their email each day to one of these gems?

Okay, funerals as fun? Trust me if you read the accompanying explanation, you will get it. We need to celebrate a life at its end and in order to do that we have to have lived. Glory in what you do each day and your life will be worthy of a celebration at the end.

This one is finding one more piece of candy in the bag when you thought the bag was empty. Also known as M and M

This one is "umbrella karma" It says that you tend to find an umbrella once you have lost your own. Not sure about this one. How do you know the one you found is lost? Or are you just stealing? It could be one cosmic umbrella grab and the last guy loses. hmmmm

Here are examples of other blogs that became books. Jen Lancaster - enough said!

Julie Powell hit pay dirt with Julie & Julia. I saw the movie but didn't read the book. Made me hungry and I also wanted to talk in the annoying wobbly Julie Child voice.

Post Secrets can be sad. The premise is that Frank Warren invites people to send him a secret on a postcard. Some are sad and creepy. It's amazing what a person with reveal to a complete stranger. I own the first book. The blog is still in business at I want to start doing the same thing as the secret below.

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