Thursday, December 30, 2010

Considering My Resolutions

It's that time of year again when we consider making New Year's Resolutions. Some of us make resolutions that give us choices like the kitty below. I like that idea.

Some of us just throw in the towel right at the get go. Why set yourself up to fail, right? I'm not sure I agree with this sentiment. Give it a try. I think it's good to think about change in the new year. Just don't give yourself the undoable.

Or you can give yourself resolutions that are easy to do. This goes along with the idea of giving up liver for Lent.

According to there are recurring resolutions year after year. Here are the top ten resolutions. No real surprises here:
1. Spend more time with family and friends
2. Fit in fitness
3. Tame the bulge
4. Quit smoking
5. Enjoy life more
6. Quit drinking
7. Get out of debt
8. Learn something new
9. Help others
10. Get organized
I am all over numbers 1, 5, 8, and 9. I guess I am a give up liver for Lent kind of gal. My two favorite resolutions from past years were to read as many books as I could with the word moon in the title and I learned to make lampwork beads with a group of friends. Yes, I need to lose weight and exercise more. And sure no one is ever organized enough. But that's work I need to do regardless of what time of year it is. Resolutions should be fun and open up new worlds and experiences. Just my two cents. I will think hard between now and January 1. What will you resolve to do?


  1. I am making vision boards with friends on Tuesday, so I guess I have some time to figure it out!

  2. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for stopping by. The Carpese on stick could not be easier. You basically put a grape tomato, a bococcini (baby mozzarella) and fresh basil on a toothpick. If you want to get fancy, slice the grape tomato in half and you the flat side for a base. Once assembled, lightly brush with EVOO and sprinkly with black pepper.
    :0) Laurie