Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Goodies

Hey girls, remember our version of gingerbread houses? In true Wrinkly fashion, I hot glued graham crackers together and we slathered them with store bought frosting and candies. We just ate around the glue. yum!


The holiday treat below is more our style. Isn't it cute? I was in Jo Ann's today and they have Christmas 70% off already. I bought some coordinated cupcake liners and picks. I got penguins and gingerbread men.

I love the poster below. I've seen it on various blogs. I think someone sells it on Etsy.

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  1. Well, I do have the cast iron gingerbread mold that I used all of once. The house smelled fabulous, I just wasn't all that into baking half a house for an hour, then the other half a house for an hour. Then the house had to cool. Then we had to assemble the house, and wait for the icing to dry before we could decorate. Of course the year I put in this effort MII was all of 4, so I had to decorate. Since then I have been buying them pre-assembled, MII can pull it out of the box and voila! Instant house!