Monday, February 28, 2011


Happy Monday All!  I love the whimsy of the photos below.  Hey Amber I will say it out loud about this very cool cake.  WE CAN DO THAT.   Aren't the berry and almond flowers fabulous?   This picture is from the very talented photographer Lisa Hubbard. 

Isn't this street art sweet?  I love a little wild thing. You can find this at the Owl versus Dove blogspot.  I love spotting little bits of humor in unexpected places.

Aren't these cups and saucers lovely?

Hee-hee the upside down ones have spoons with legs.  Find these at the artist's blog at   It's in French and the Google translation is funny.

The painters are finished and I love the results.  Plus there aren't any red drips.  That was my biggest fear.  Now I just have to put everything back on the walls.  Pictures to follow soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a Miracle!!!

I am so excited!  I logged on this morning and there were security updates.  One was to install the latest version of Java.  Hello, that's what crashed last month and I tried in vain to get it to work again.  Sometimes just waiting around to be saved works.  I don't know how long this will last but I am tickled pink. 
Amber I have been hanging on to this pic for a while.  I love all the frames.  The starburst is fantastic. 
I love this guys blog.  He is an artist and a tinkerer (word?)  Look at the great PDF he has for free to download.  Your kids can play Memory with it if you download multiples.  you can find him at 
He's even written a book.
The print below would look great in my new living room.  I have had painters all last week painting the living room, dining room and kitchen walls.  I will take some pictures when everything is back in place.  You can find this print at  It is by Bianca Gomez.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thoughts of Spring Break and Other Musings

Today has been COLD and gray.  I have been thinking about spring break.  I had planned to go to Key West with Amber and family but she had a vacation freeze for that week so we cancelled.  Now the freeze is off and she can go.  Too late for Key West though.  It just so happens that Rachael and Pete will be in Costa Rica that week so their place in Chicago will be available.  Spring break in Chicago is not such a bad idea.  I hope it's at least a little warm.  In the meantime I found some resort wear that Rachael might want to consider.

Oops I didn't get this site.

I have painters at my condo this week.  I locked them out yesterday, so they are a day behind.  I'll get some pics up soon.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beansie's First Modeling Job! Part II

Here are the rest of the photos from Beansie's first modeling gig! None of the photos were used on the 7 Sprouts Etsy site, but hey, it was still a fun experience!

All photos by Suzanne Upton Photography.

Rick Rack

I crashed the computer system at work! Whoops! Let's see how fast I can create a blog before it is time for me to go home, since I can't do anymore computer work! I saw the quilt first and it gave me ideas, muh ha ha ha. perhaps I will add quilting to things I currently don't do but own the supplies for!

Inspiration from The Purl Bee via Style Files.

The flowers are so cute! Thanks Primrose Design!

How about this for your pocket? Flower Allie....

Beans needs this!!! Poppy Clementine!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Outfit a Month

Ahh! I am doing so many different things with this post, it is making my head spin! So first things first. Once a month I am going to go through all the pretty pictures I have been slicing and dicing from my magazines and I am going to put together a new outfit using one thing I currently own. My first attempt is what follows. I got the inspiration page from InStyle Magazine, September 2010 if I remember correctly. They started with the dress, and so did I. My version is a little more graphic than theirs, but similar color schemes. Using all the pieces they suggest would cost me $1719. That doesn't include the dress. With the dress? $1914!

Here is a little college I put together of items I purchased this weekend, plus two items I already owned. The aforementioned dress I picked up off a Target clearance rack 2 years ago for an astounding $7.50. I apologize for my not so mad photo skillz. The other item I own is a pair of Swarovski pave stud earrings that I did not attempt to photograph, the picture here is from the Swarovski website. I picked up the earrings some 9 years ago in Boston for I think around $35.00. My new infinity scarf and A.N.A. lambskin motorcycle jacket I found on sale at J.C. Penney's for $7.80 and $59.99, respectively. The shoes I thought would be impossible, pewter size 11 flats? Target, I love you. Size 11? In stock! Color on the shoebox? Pewter! Price? $19.99!

I didn't pick up the bracelet because I have an 8" wrist and bracelets depress me. Which left me to search for the perfect purse. Which I did not find, because I was too busy daydreaming about these beauties. The first, the Jimmie Choo inspired Riki Buckle Bag from Pursenickety, somewhat matches the color of the inspiration bag......

And the second, the mustard Mulberry inspired Alexa Satchel, also from Pursenickety, which matches the shape of the inspiration bag.

So here is the question, with my current running total at $130.28 for the entire outfit (which includes pieces previously owned), do I buy Riki for $29.00? Or Alexa for $43.00? Or both, and risk the ire of the spouse? :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts of a Newly Single Lady on Valentine's Day

 I'm not particularly bummed about being alone for the upcoming hearts and flowers holiday.  I'm still getting used to living on my own for the first time.  It can be exciting at times.  Doing taxes, painting walls, wait that's not right - eating ice cream cereal for dinner, Gleekend Marathons, starfishing in bed, doing whatever whenever I want.  I am mostly pleased by how I have adjusted to the unexpected turn in my life.  I have a great family and friends and a job I love.  Sounds pretty good to me.   I also got the best Valentine from Beanz via her day care.  It's taped up on the fridge.

These might be cards that I would send.  Maybe, maybe not.

Being alone does not mean being lonely.  My life is full!

How happy would I be if I could live here???

Monday, February 7, 2011

I covet Covet Garden

I have found another great blog with a magazine.  I just love The blog is full of bright wonderful pictures and the magazine is a design inspiration joy.  I like the page turning effect.  I know I'm easily amused. 

Don't you love these bright colored knits?

I had a very busy Super Bowl Sunday yesterday.  First I went to a Woman's Souper Bowl snowshoe outing in Traverse City with S.  It was also a potluck.  We snowshoed first and then ate yummy food in front of a fire in the lodge.  I ate a chicken vegetable curry soup.  Too good.  Next we came home, got cleaned up and went to a Super Bowl party at a restaurant that was closed for the evening.  There was a huge big screen TV, blackjack tables and a chili cook off.  We stayed until half time and then went home.  But not until I found the baby in my piece of King's Cake.  It is supposed to bring you good luck for the coming year, except I lost the baby somewhere on the way home.  What does that say about me?  Does that mean my luck will be bad.  I keep imagining that little baby lost in a snowy gutter.  sigh
But on second thought The cake was really ugly and the baby was kinda creepy.