Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Outfit a Month

Ahh! I am doing so many different things with this post, it is making my head spin! So first things first. Once a month I am going to go through all the pretty pictures I have been slicing and dicing from my magazines and I am going to put together a new outfit using one thing I currently own. My first attempt is what follows. I got the inspiration page from InStyle Magazine, September 2010 if I remember correctly. They started with the dress, and so did I. My version is a little more graphic than theirs, but similar color schemes. Using all the pieces they suggest would cost me $1719. That doesn't include the dress. With the dress? $1914!

Here is a little college I put together of items I purchased this weekend, plus two items I already owned. The aforementioned dress I picked up off a Target clearance rack 2 years ago for an astounding $7.50. I apologize for my not so mad photo skillz. The other item I own is a pair of Swarovski pave stud earrings that I did not attempt to photograph, the picture here is from the Swarovski website. I picked up the earrings some 9 years ago in Boston for I think around $35.00. My new infinity scarf and A.N.A. lambskin motorcycle jacket I found on sale at J.C. Penney's for $7.80 and $59.99, respectively. The shoes I thought would be impossible, pewter size 11 flats? Target, I love you. Size 11? In stock! Color on the shoebox? Pewter! Price? $19.99!

I didn't pick up the bracelet because I have an 8" wrist and bracelets depress me. Which left me to search for the perfect purse. Which I did not find, because I was too busy daydreaming about these beauties. The first, the Jimmie Choo inspired Riki Buckle Bag from Pursenickety, somewhat matches the color of the inspiration bag......

And the second, the mustard Mulberry inspired Alexa Satchel, also from Pursenickety, which matches the shape of the inspiration bag.

So here is the question, with my current running total at $130.28 for the entire outfit (which includes pieces previously owned), do I buy Riki for $29.00? Or Alexa for $43.00? Or both, and risk the ire of the spouse? :)


  1. Buy the 2nd one. It's cooler. And more expensive. And I will buy it for you.

  2. What a great idea! I will babysit so you can take your hubby out on a date wearing that snazzy outfit.

  3. I second the 2nd bag. Super cute outfit- you must take a picture of you wearing the ensemble!