Monday, February 7, 2011

I covet Covet Garden

I have found another great blog with a magazine.  I just love The blog is full of bright wonderful pictures and the magazine is a design inspiration joy.  I like the page turning effect.  I know I'm easily amused. 

Don't you love these bright colored knits?

I had a very busy Super Bowl Sunday yesterday.  First I went to a Woman's Souper Bowl snowshoe outing in Traverse City with S.  It was also a potluck.  We snowshoed first and then ate yummy food in front of a fire in the lodge.  I ate a chicken vegetable curry soup.  Too good.  Next we came home, got cleaned up and went to a Super Bowl party at a restaurant that was closed for the evening.  There was a huge big screen TV, blackjack tables and a chili cook off.  We stayed until half time and then went home.  But not until I found the baby in my piece of King's Cake.  It is supposed to bring you good luck for the coming year, except I lost the baby somewhere on the way home.  What does that say about me?  Does that mean my luck will be bad.  I keep imagining that little baby lost in a snowy gutter.  sigh
But on second thought The cake was really ugly and the baby was kinda creepy.

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