Friday, February 25, 2011

Thoughts of Spring Break and Other Musings

Today has been COLD and gray.  I have been thinking about spring break.  I had planned to go to Key West with Amber and family but she had a vacation freeze for that week so we cancelled.  Now the freeze is off and she can go.  Too late for Key West though.  It just so happens that Rachael and Pete will be in Costa Rica that week so their place in Chicago will be available.  Spring break in Chicago is not such a bad idea.  I hope it's at least a little warm.  In the meantime I found some resort wear that Rachael might want to consider.

Oops I didn't get this site.

I have painters at my condo this week.  I locked them out yesterday, so they are a day behind.  I'll get some pics up soon.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.


  1. Dan and Jilian and I will be in Chicago the weekend of March 18th. Might you be there at that time?

  2. Shoot! We will be there the first week of April! Sorry we will miss you.... :(

  3. Love the plaid tankini! Probably will pass on the first outfit. I think it would make hiking and zip-lining a challenge.