Monday, February 28, 2011


Happy Monday All!  I love the whimsy of the photos below.  Hey Amber I will say it out loud about this very cool cake.  WE CAN DO THAT.   Aren't the berry and almond flowers fabulous?   This picture is from the very talented photographer Lisa Hubbard. 

Isn't this street art sweet?  I love a little wild thing. You can find this at the Owl versus Dove blogspot.  I love spotting little bits of humor in unexpected places.

Aren't these cups and saucers lovely?

Hee-hee the upside down ones have spoons with legs.  Find these at the artist's blog at   It's in French and the Google translation is funny.

The painters are finished and I love the results.  Plus there aren't any red drips.  That was my biggest fear.  Now I just have to put everything back on the walls.  Pictures to follow soon.

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