Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad Girls Book Club

Book club was at my house tonight.  The hostess has to incorporate the food from the book in the meal that she serves.  Now you have to know that we are The Bad Girls Book Club - where half of us don't read the book and the other half don't show up.  Which was true to form tonight.  The book I picked was  the Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  I won't give it away, but is is a sweet story.  It has an Asian influence so I made lettuce wraps and beef and broccoli  with rice.  We talked about everything but the book as usual.  They are all on Face Book and they talked about how people wax poetic about the food they make for dinner and how perfect their lives are.  That is one big reason why I don't participate.  This is me saying this after I talked about the food that I made  :)  We visited all evening and finally I asked,  "Who has the next book?'  Hmmmm  no one spoke up.  Yea, we don't have a book for April.  No one knows who's turn it is.  So we decided to meet at a restaurant and each of us have a book to talk about.  Translation - we will meet to eat and drink and dish the dirt.  Books may not be involved.
This, however is a great book - read it!!

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