Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

the week just flies by for me.  I can't believe it's already Friday.  I am still feeling a little punk.  I came home from school today and slept for 3 straight hours and I'm still sleepy.    I'm loving the green in the picture below.  What kind of pottery/earthenware is this?  It's fabulous!!!
Paul Costello via

Look at this really great DIY Starburst by Stephanie at She has a great tutorial and template. 

Below was made using the tutorial for a little girl's bedroom.  Isn't it sweet.  You can find it at It's made with bamboo skewers.
I have been trying to figure out a color scheme for my office area.  Camila over at has put together this collection of fabrics that would work with what I already have.  What do you think?  I'm a sucker for pom pom fringe!

Enjoy your weekend.  I have a concert to go to tomorrow night that I am really looking forward to seeing.

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