Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Things

Spring break starts tomorrow.  I decided to work it because I am up to my eyeballs in reports.  I will , however, be off to Amber's on Saturday morning and we are going to Chicago for the week.  We will stay at Rachael and Pete's - Yeah!!  But they won't be there - Boo-hoo!!  They will be having fun in the sun.  I am looking forward to a week in Chicago.
Hey, Amber, here is another possibility for the family room.  I like the recessed desks.  This was found via
I have a mirror propped up against the wall!  Mine is half the size and not that pretty blue though.
Also via Pink Wallpaper
Aren't these plates pretty?  Sarah Cihat dolls up old dishes at Rehabilitated Dishware.  Find her at

I love this shade of blue via

Hey Amber, do you know of any Deacon's benches that need refinishing?

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