Tuesday, April 5, 2011

M and Beansie Take Chicago

Spring Break has arrived!! And to celebrate (and blow of some much needed steam) we have journeyed to the tropical oasis of Chicago. Well, we were supposed to go to a tropical oasis, but with my bum work schedule, we are managing to squeeze in some fun in Chicago while watching Ray-Ray and Pete's charming kitties. As you saw yesterday, we were pooped from our long drive, but Sunday we were ready for some fun at the Shedd Aquarium. These are my (Amber's) pics as opposed to Penny's pics you saw yesterday.

Beansie playing in the Barnacle Pond.
M in the shell pond.
Beansie in the submarine.
M taking scientific measurements.
Monday was Legoland day, with the Chicago skyline made entirely out of Legos, the little kind.
The Hancock Tower, in Lego form.
Lego tigers, oh my!
M being eaten by a Lego Hippo!!
And of course, Lego Darth Vader!

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