Friday, April 8, 2011

We spent Tuesday at The Navy Pier.  It was our best weather day - sunny and warmish.  The last time I was there was in the summer and it was packed.  This time around it was as if we had it all to ourselves.  No lines no waiting.  What fun!  M and Amber went through the fun house and rode the enormous Ferris Wheel.  Beansie and I strolled around and watched.
A view of the skyline looking back from the end of the pier.

Beans and M on a concrete mosaic sofa.

There is the most beautiful Stained Glass Museum at the Pier.  I probably took way too many pictures.  I couldn't help myself.  Many of them came from old churches, homes and office buildings in the Chicago area.
Here's the crew in the Crystal Palace.  It is a huge glass room with beautiful plants and fountains.

M. is digging for dinosaurs at the Children's Museum.  We got here late in the day. There was so many things to see and do.  This is a day trip all by itself.

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