Monday, May 9, 2011

Great Snarky Sites

These two sites are both hilarious. Rachael had a hand in finding them.  She emailed me about the first one that she found and the second site comes via her friends Kim and Scott.   The pictures below come from Karly at Design Crisis  has photos of interesting design and then her comments are funny.  Check her out for a giggle.

Kim and Scott at Yellow Brick Home led me to the next site, Dooce, written by Heather.  She writes about the trials and tribulations of family life with a very twisted sense of humor.

This is her dog Chuck.  She has a series of pictures of him.
This is a friend of hers whose style she likes.  What I like most about Heather, however, is her description of daily life with hubby, two small kids and several pets. She will make you smile.

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