Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

What is it about Turquoise and Orange?  I LOVE this combo from designer Lisa Ho at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week via Where the Lovely Things Are  I spent the last two weekends at Amber's.  She and her family were supposed to come up for Mother's Day.  But she called and said both the kiddos have impetigo.  Poor babies!  So I will use the time alone to clean up this condo.  I still have Ikea strewn about the house and piles of files everywhere.  Don't feel too sorry for me though, friends called and invited me to brunch on Mother's Day.   Have a restful weekend.


  1. I do feel bad I can't some up north this weekend. :( The kids aren't so oozy though.....

  2. PS I am at work. On a Saturday. Again.

  3. I am enjoying a coffee and the interwebs. I'm having brunch with Shumans and then back home to work on my office area. It's a sunny day and all is well. Enjoy your day today Sweetie, Happy Mother's Day to you! Kiss those oozy kids for me - Carefully!