Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Made It!

Well, the end of days deadline came and went.  I chose to wait for the rapture in a very significant way.  I could have cleaned house but why dust if this is the end?  I could have planned an entire day of introspection. That didn't work because I find my mind wandering when I try to think deep thoughts for more than, say two minutes.  So I had a lot of day left to fill with epic deeds since the Rapture was scheduled for dinnertime last night. 

I'm hoping this is what the pearly gates look like.  Found here

Imagine my joy to discover there was a Glee marathon on all day!!    It was the entire season back to back.  and yes I did it.  I missed most of them this year so I got my fill of show tunes and pop anthems.  I was in heaven already.  I loves me a Gleekathon. Don't judge me,  at least I wasn't in a cave with a case of pork and beans waiting for the end of days.  So there.

Found here

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