Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Very Last Day

Today was our last full day in NYC.  We went to a matinee performance of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Oh.  My.  God.  It was amazing.  I can not describe the music or the costumes.  You have to see it to believe it.

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We went back to Greenwich Village for dinner and met up with Donna, one of Rachael's friends.  We walked down toward the water and had drinks at the Bongo Lounge.  Afterwards, Donna took us to Magnolia's,  a bakery known for it's yummy cupcakes.  A perfect end to a perfect trip.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shopping in Greenwich Village

Pam, Rachael and I hit the road running, okay a rather fast walk to Union Square Green Market.  Pam picked up some cool recipes and we all were amazed by the ostrich eggs for $30 a piece.    

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Next we headed of to Greenwich Village for a little shopping.  We stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant and then the shopping began in earnest.  We loved the Johnathan Adler store and Pam bought the cutest top in a little shop.  

At the end of our hot and humid shopping day, we decided to do a pub crawl for dinner.  Our first stop was at a Bone Lick Park with a $3.50 margarita special and chips and salsa.  Then we went to Heartland Brewery where Rachael wanted to sample the apricot beer. We had buffalo chicken rolls there.   We ended our (short) crawl at our neighborhood favorite the Northwest Kingdom where we chowed down on the mussels.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rachael and Billy Elliot

Rachael arrived today and took a taxi straight to the musical Billy Elliot.   We had great seats again and enjoyed the show.  The child dancers are incredible in this.  It was very high energy.  Don't feel bad, Amber, there were too many f-bombs for M.  Maybe when he is a little older.  Rachael was pooped when she got in.  The airlines cancelled her first very early flight and she was put on a later one.  She is sure it's because the first one wasn't full.  Evil Airlines strike again!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Botanical Gardens

Amber and M left yesterday and the apartment is too quiet!!  Pam and I went into Brooklyn and bought tickets for a matinee performance of Billy Elliot.  We also decided to strike out on our own and navigate the trains without our fearless leader (Amber ) to show the way.  And we made it to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  It is huge and lovely

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We really enjoyed the Japanese Garden.  There was a wedding party there taking pictures.
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We also ate our first hot dog on the street.  It was yummy with sauerkraut.  

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Busy Day in NYC

Yesterday was the last full day in NYC for Amber and M, so we chocked it full.  We started the day at the Guggenheim Museum.  The building is gorgeous as it stands but the exhibits can be hit or miss.  It was a miss for our tastes.  The featured artist was Lee Ufan whose art is more about the space than the art itself.  Yeah . . .  Read here lots of random brushstrokes and installations of rocks and big steel squares.  It was supposed to affect us viscerally.  Don't get me started!

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This painting had the most going on in the whole exhibit.

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Wait for it, wait for it.   Feel that visceral kick?  M kept commenting in a very puzzled voice,  "How can this be art?"

Next we went to the Museum of Natural History.   We all really enjoyed the IMAX show about the stars and the sun.
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After that we went across the street to Central Park.  M climbed the rocks to search for the Belvedere Castle.
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After several false turns, we found it.

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Then we took a cab to Rockefeller Center.  Pam and I people watched while Amber and M checked out the Lego store.

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We walked toward Times Square and ate dinner at the Playwright Restaurant, a very cool Irish pub.   The bar was downstairs and the restaurant was up one flight.   We sat at a corner table looking down on the busy street below.  The Shepard's pie was yum.

Amber and M left this morning and we miss them already.  Rachael comes in tomorrow.  Let the fun begin once more!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We went to MoMA today, M found several pieces of art he liked, but this was his favorite!

Lunar Alphabet II and Lunar Sentence I by Leandro Katz. Via Volt NY.

I am really tired. I will post more tomorrow! Good Night!

Polish Tea Room, AKA Cafe Edison

Mom forgot lunch! This is where we ate lunch, Cafe Edison, commonly known as the Polish Tea Room. People of the stage come here after shows for a quick bite to eat. However, since we came before the show we did not see any famous people. Oh, well! I had the Reuben of course, Mom and Pam had the hard boiled egg plate, and M had a sundae. And no, I am not a bad mom, he had a PB and J on the train.

Courtesy of the NY Times

New York - Part Three

We continue to take New York by storm.  Yesterday we saw the matinee perform of The Addam's Family and we howled.  Grandma stole the show.  We have had very good luck with the discount TKTS booth.  This time we were main floor center in the third row.  M said it was like we were stalking them we were so close.

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After   the play we people watched in Time Square and then we took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge.  We walked the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights.  The views up the river and back toward the city are fabulous.  However, we can't show you those pics because the MAC in the apartment doesn't have a spot to stick our memory card in!  So look below at the random other people's shots I pulled off of Google Images.  
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Her mama would be proud.
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We came off the bridge in Brooklyn Heights with only a vague notion of where we were - a sensation I am not unfamiliar with on a regular basis.  We made Amber ask a traffic cop where the nearest subway station was and the cop looked at Amber like she was crazy.   The stop was virtually across the street from where we stood.  Oh, that's what those green balls on a stick mean.  Once we had established our getaway we went looking for a restaurant.   We found Noodle Pudding around the corner just as it began to rain.  We had yummy Italian food, again, and it was delish.

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Today we are off to MOMA

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC, here we go!

Amber here, updating the jealous masses on our fabulous vaca! Monday we used our CityPasses to go the Statue of Liberty (her true name is Liberty Enlightening the World, did you know?) We took the free tour and got a fantastic tour guide. I would strongly suggest taking the tour.

Courtesy of Fox Travel Tours

We then went to Ellis Island, M was very interesting in reading ever bit of info they had! The weather was perfect, and the ferry ride out to the islands was gorgeous!

Courtesy of Ellis Island Picture

For dinner we decided to go to the South Street Seaport, a good idea, if we weren't tired and I didn't get us lost. We ended up walking to Ground Zero, which was fascinating to see how far they have gotten with rebuilding the site. When we did make it to the Seaport we had a lovely dinner!

Courtesy of South Street Seaport

Tuesday, we were a little tired. Actually a lot tired! We bought Wednesday matinee tickets to Addams Family, and made our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We were so tired, we only made it through Arms and Armory, Egypt, and Roman Artifacts. We then hailed a cab to FAO Schwartz where M found   a mini UFO he couldn't live without. After a brief stop at Tiffany's, we hailed a second cab to Bella Vita for pizza, again. Guess we give this place 2 thumbs up!!

Courtesy of InETours

Monday, June 20, 2011

New York! New York!

Let the fun begin.  Pam and I arrived on Friday and got the lay of the land in our neighborhood.  We are renting an apartment in a row house in Ridgeway, on the border between Brooklyn and Queens.  It is lovely and big enough to spread out in.  We found a wonderful restaurant within walking distance.  Amber and M got here on Saturday but their luggage did not - grrrrr.  So we spent the day on the phone trying to track it down.  We also managed to go into Brooklyn and bought discount tickets for a  Mary Poppins matinee on Sunday.  It was fantastic.  M can now now say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

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We also visited the Empire State Building at dusk.  The sunset was so pretty.  We got the audio tour and M listened intently to all the info.
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We didn't miss a chance to see Times Square all lit up at night.  

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We had dinner at Belle Vita.  We had a huge family style salad and the best pizza ever.  M wants to go back tonight
Sorry, I can't find a link to credit.

I am having to use stock photos from the web because the computer in the apartment is a Mac and we can't find a usb port to accommodate our camera's memory card.  But it does make me realize how easy it would be to take a virtual vacation anywhere and post photos like you were there - hmmmmm

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Lamps

I have been looking for the perfect chair and now I am also hankering for pretty, funny, quirky lamps.  I found these at Boboho Interiors.  They have a Featured Home section and I found the lamps at Tracy Nor's home.  She designed the lamps.  I love them!!

Makes me want to collect old toys and string a wire through them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor Kitties

I stumbled on a crazy site at Awkward Family Pet Photos.  First off who poses for these atrocities?  And then they share them with others?  Yikes.  The picture below has to be a brother and sister shot.  Was this a Christmas pic?  Can you imagine the accompanying Christmas letter? 

Okay this one is wrong on so many levels.  A grown man goes to the mall with his cat and waits in line to have his picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  Is this framed on his dresser?  Poor Kitty!

Hit me,  hit me,  hit me with your laser beams . . . .

Long, long, pause.  Questioning look,  gagging reflex.  Please, please tell me they had one of those little delay buttons on their camera.  Again I keep thinking . . . Christmas photo?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Personal Official First Day of Summer Vacation!

I am celebrating my first day of vaca.  It was a perfect sunny day and I spent it inside washing windows and dusting my plantation shutters.  Here's what Beans thinks of that.  No really this was taken when she and her family were visiting over Memorial Day Weekend.  She was goofing with her mom after a nap.  Do you think Graco would like a copy?

I googled 1950's housewives and found this

Okay, I would love to know the back story for this one.  I found it via Miss Moss.  She found it at Theresa Thompson's Flickr set called Potato Wednesday.  and it's only Tuesday!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dreaming of a Marrakesh Riad

I love to watch House Hunters International.  I can't relate to the amount discretionary funds that allows one to think that buying a 1000 year old Riad in Morocco as a vacation home, is a good idea.  In the episode I watched, the family had an $800, 000 budget.  These Riads are amazing.  They are high walled homes build around a inner courtyard that is open aired.  The rooms that surround the courtyard are long and narrow.  I looked some up at 31 Best Riad Marrakesh  Enjoy

Riad Zina

Riyad el Cadi

Riad Ariha

Riad La Perle De La Medina

Dar Dmana

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bottle Trees

I came across some bottle trees somewhere between East Jordan and Boyne City.  Then a friend of mine mentioned she wanted a bottle tree.  I have also seen then down south in Alabama near where my dad lives.  I love them.  Slaves brought the idea with them from the Congo in Africa.  The blue bottles were hung from live trees to ward off evil spirits.  The bottles held the spirits, rendering them harmless. 

This one looks like the one Calvin made for the lake
Via  Google Images
(There was a link to Penick, but it took me to a shifty questionnaire)