Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Busy Day in NYC

Yesterday was the last full day in NYC for Amber and M, so we chocked it full.  We started the day at the Guggenheim Museum.  The building is gorgeous as it stands but the exhibits can be hit or miss.  It was a miss for our tastes.  The featured artist was Lee Ufan whose art is more about the space than the art itself.  Yeah . . .  Read here lots of random brushstrokes and installations of rocks and big steel squares.  It was supposed to affect us viscerally.  Don't get me started!

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This painting had the most going on in the whole exhibit.

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Wait for it, wait for it.   Feel that visceral kick?  M kept commenting in a very puzzled voice,  "How can this be art?"

Next we went to the Museum of Natural History.   We all really enjoyed the IMAX show about the stars and the sun.
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After that we went across the street to Central Park.  M climbed the rocks to search for the Belvedere Castle.
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After several false turns, we found it.

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Then we took a cab to Rockefeller Center.  Pam and I people watched while Amber and M checked out the Lego store.

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We walked toward Times Square and ate dinner at the Playwright Restaurant, a very cool Irish pub.   The bar was downstairs and the restaurant was up one flight.   We sat at a corner table looking down on the busy street below.  The Shepard's pie was yum.

Amber and M left this morning and we miss them already.  Rachael comes in tomorrow.  Let the fun begin once more!!

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