Friday, August 5, 2011

Cat Tales

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There has been lots of cat shenanigans at my house lately.  Ike is a pukeaholic and he wanders while he yaks.  Too much info?  Well I took him in yesterday and $270 later they still don't know what is wrong, even after xrays, blood and urine samples.  Don't ask how they got him to pee in a cup because they took him to the back "magic" room where bad things happen to little critters.  He also escaped and we chased him around the vet's office for a few minutes.  So they sent me home with a $45 bag of special prescription cat food.  Rabbit and pea?  I left the bag on the kitchen counter and Arnie ate a hole through it.  No way is he getting any of the fancy food. Now I have to feed these monkeys in separate rooms.  I spent all afternoon yesterday steam cleaning Ike's yak spots and just now as I was writing this, he did it again.  I don't know, but I gotta say, $45 yak looks no different than Iams yak.  Don't think I am callous, Ike doesn't act sick and he's gained a little weight since I got him in January.  He is currently sitting next to me as I type, contemplating his next move.

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  1. Oh, the things we do for our kitties! I'm supposed to give Sam special food for her kidneys which she turns her nose up at, but Liam gobbles it up with wild abandon. (The eating in different rooms idea hasn't caught on in our place yet.) Have you tried sprinkling Purina's FortiFlora on his food? It's like yogurt for cats. As for the urine sample, I think at our vet they extract it with a needle, since there's no way our kitties would pee in public!