Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Craft It Forward, Reprise

So remember that post about crafting it forward? Well, I will craft it forward, I promise! No, really! I will! What reminded me of my delay in craftiness was a lovely package I received in the mail from Rock That Horse!! A super awesome robot print that someone (M) was super stoked about!

So stoked we couldn't wait to get a new frame, we recycled one from a fantastic awkward family photo circa 1987 and hung it up right now! I am debating if I need to paint said frame to truly compliment the coolness of the print.

M. is very thankful to Rock That Horse for the really cool print!


  1. Hey you! What do you mean - awkward family photo? Harumph!

  2. Cool print! I like how the mat matches perfectly. You can spray paint the frame one of the cool colors in the robot. I think black, blue, or that salmon color could look really neat.

  3. Hello there! Cool to see the print framed and on your wall. Glad you like it. Have fun and all the best from Amsterdam, Julia