Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in Review.

I had the best Thanksgiving this year.  Amber and her family came for the long weekend. I'll tell you all about it but first  I thought I'd share a shot of my mantle.  I"m quite proud of the subway art that I got off of Pinterest.  See I do have something to show for all those hours minutes I spend filling my boards.  Anyway, we always cook the turkey on the grill.  So Amber and I got it all fixed up and started the grill.  It was cooking very very slowly and it didn't get any hotter when we turned up the heat.  We were mystified.  Mike took a look at it and we somehow had it on safety - the heat stayed on low no matter what we did.  He did his magic and turned the fire up on the bird.

Miss L couldn't wait for the turkey so she had a Thanksgiving Hebrew National and yes she stuck the slices in her mashed potatoes

We were getting a little bored waiting for the bird.  Notice the Thanksgiving crackers on the table?

Yeah, they were filled with confetti.  That stuff got everywhere!

Finally, the turkey was ready and it was a masterpiece.  Well worth the wait.

M was impressed.  He took no time to finish off that drumstick.

I realized that I only got shots of Miss L running away from the camera this weekend.  Here she is watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

So here is a picture of her from a few weeks ago when she was playing in the leaves.  What a cutie, right?

The next day was unusually warm and sunny.  Amber wanted to recreate a very cool family picture that she found on Pinterest.  Do we see a pattern here?  This was the first hilarious attempt.  Normally the kids love to be flipped upside down, but Miss L looks like she thinks mom will drop her.  This is when the battery in my camera died.  We switched to Amber's camera and got some good shots.  Now it's up to her to post the final project.  We had a lovely visit and now it is the whirlwind leading up to Christmas!!

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