Saturday, December 17, 2011

Commercial Songs

Is it just me or are the songs for commercials getting cooler?  I love the soundtrack for the latest Chase bank commercial.  You know, the rock climbing one.  Wow, LP, the artist is amazing!

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L.P. is an incredible artist and songwriter from New York City who is now living in L.A. With a unique and powerful voice, she has been compared to Janis Joplin and Jeff Buckley, yet has a style and sound all her own. She is currently in the studio crafting her new album with a host of producers including Red One, and is also in high demand as a songwriter working with A-level artists such as Rihanna (Cheers) and producers such as The Matrix and David Guetta. In a crowded musical landscape littered with one hit wonders and mediocre talent, LP stands out as a real artist with meaningful music. The only real way to describe her is to hear her.

L.P. has had her music featured in movies and TV shows. In 2001, "Kiss It All Goodbye" from her Heart-Shaped Scar album was featured in the movie, "The Safety of Objects," starring Glenn Close. Also, her track, "Wasted," from album Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol, was the theme song for the television show "South Of Nowhere" on The N.   MTV's The Hills has also been using a co-write with Isaac Hasson entitled "Damage Is Done" in mid-2010, which has been released to iTunes

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Don't you just love the song for the current J'Adore commercial?  I had no idea who Beth Ditto was until I heard her bands song Heavy Cross as the commercial's soundtrack  She is crazy good!!!
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Beth Ditto is known for her noticeable stage dances and her unique and revealing image.  She is the lead singer of the group Gossip. She was a contributor to an advice column on body image to The Guardian newspaper.  In February 2009, she was featured in London as the cover model for the premiere of Love magazine. On July 9, 2009, Beth's fashion collection for the UK retailer Evans was released for sale, both online, and in selected stores across the UK.  She has been an outspoken advocate for large women being body -positive and has been regularly photographed as an editorial model Her most recent modeling work consisted of opening the Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2011 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2010.  Via here.

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