Friday, December 30, 2011

Creeping Up on New Year's Resolutions

I try to make New Year's resolutions each year  I never make practical ones like lose weight.  One year I read as many books as I could with the word moon in them,  that was fun.  I decided to try something new this year and do something once a week,  I thought I was being so creative and then I googled 52 week projects and just look what I found!

Here is a really cool idea from Steve  Here is his explanation:   The idea for the the 52 Week Project is simple: every week I will select and write about at least one audio or visual clip from the many sources of free educational content on the web. The only caveat? The topic has to be something about which I know almost nothing. This guarantees that I go out of my comfort zone, learn new things, expose myself to criticism, and hopefully come away with a positive experience.

The next project was an art journal that asked and answered a question a week.  Very creative.
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The 52 week project below concentrated on taking a self portrait a week and posting it to a flickr account.
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The ladies below challenged each other to try something new each week.  This is somehow tied to The Happiness Project, the book I am supposed to read for January and haven't bought yet.
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I just took a quick poll at lunch and my grandson suggested eating a new pizza each week and his dad though I should drink a new cocktail every week.  Hmmm.  Tempting, but I'm going to think a little longer . . . .

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