Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spa Madness

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I think I've already mentioned that my friend Sharon and I go to Solace Spa at Boyne Mountain  for a restorative yoga class on Sundays.  We had a very full class today.  Business has picked up at the Mountain since several ski runs have opened.  It all went well though.  Reb our instructor is so relaxed and easy going, that she always runs a very relaxing session.  Sharon and I went into the relaxation room afterwards as did several other people from yoga.  We sat on our favorite squishy chaise lounges, sipping tea and eating our energy bars.  The others left and Sharon and I had another cup of tea.  A woman came in very agitated.  She said she had come for a treatment and hadn't expected so much noise.  She kept saying she needed five minutes of quiet.  She had a magazine she was going to read.  We smiled and continued to talk low.  She asked, "Isn't this the quiet room?"  in  a snotty voice.  So we began to whisper.  She shouted at us "You are not going to whisper are you?!!!"  We were startled and I asked her if she wanted us to leave and she said yes.  We were shocked but it struck us as so funny.  It isn't the dead quiet room, it is a coed relaxation area closed off by a curtain.  Lots of noise, all the time.  We got up and left and got the giggles.  I'm sure she heard us.  A mom walked by with a couple of little kids.  I suggested that she take the kids in the relaxation room to try out the comfy chairs.

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