Monday, February 20, 2012

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Heaven

I found the picture below at Where the Lovely Things Are and it got me to thinking.  I love grilled cheese sandwiches.  I love plain old cheese only, all melted and gooey, dunked in a bowl of tomato soup.  However, the lovely beauties below sound awesome.  What's your favorite combination?

Grilled cheese and mushroom wonderfulness
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Here's one with caramelized apples and cheddar cheese.
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I love tomato and basil - a caprese grilled cheese.
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This one has a little heat with jalapeno peppers.
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How about mascarpone and apricot jam on brioche French toast?
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  1. Giada suggests using sliced mozarella sprinkled with rosemary, then smothered in raspberry preserves. Then as you grill on your panini maker, sprinkle brown sugar on the outside to make a crust on the outside of the bread.