Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mossy Magic

Maybe it's because this has been a crazy mixed up winter, but it feels like spring is coming with all the warm weather we have been having.  The snow is melting but I know it's too early to think about growing things.  Oh my, look at this!  You can grow moss on walls.  I think this is pretty amazing. 

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But from her window, on a lone canal,
The fair Venetian hears the splash of oars,
The tide that ripples by the mossy wall
Henry Theodore Tuckerman
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How must it be
to be moss,
that slipcover of rocks?—

greening in the dark,
longing for north,
the silence
of birds gone south.

How does moss do it,
all day
in a dank place
and never a cough?—

a wet dust
where light fails,
where the chisel
cut the name.
By Bruce Guernsey
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All overgrown by cunning moss, by Emily Dickinson
All overgrown by cunning moss,
All interspersed with weed,
The little cage of "Currer Bell"
In quiet "Haworth" laid.

Gathered from many wanderings --
Gethsemane can tell
Thro' what transporting anguish
She reached the Asphodel!

Soft falls the sounds of Eden
Upon her puzzled ear --
Oh what an afternoon for Heaven,
When "Bronte" entered there
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