Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

Two posts in one day! Amazing! Since this really didn't go with Monday's Dinner, I am doing a separate post for fun stuff to do with Miss L. Now that she is home with me, I have to keep her occupied. It's far too easy to let TV do the educating, not something I want to do. The whole point of me staying home was to spend quality time with her. So today we had a theme, fish! We made a collage starfish using paper from around the house and clear contact paper, read the book Baby Beluga, counted fish in a fish bowl that we colored ourselves, and  made Jello fish bowls for snack! I think she had fun.....

From Amazon

From First-School Preschool, tons of online ideas and activities!

From my kitchen! Miss L makes the Jello Fish Bowls!


  1. I am so impressed!! You must be feeling better.

  2. I found a site you might like at www.littlehandsbigwork.com