Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy Bee

So I have been a busy little bee! Mom pinned this adorable reversible "high-low" skirt from Thumbeline, aka the bodebo reversible skirt

I loved the design, I loved the fabric, what I didn't love was the price tag, $118. Did I mention I quit my job in April? That the Divine Miss L likes to hand me squishy, squirmy bugs regularly? That she must stomp in every puddle she sees? While absolutely angelic looking, Miss L is no angel and I would have heart failure should she own anything that costs more than what I wear. Enter Joann's summer seersucker fabric and voila, my own reversible high-low skirt.

My top ruffle isn't as generous as the original, I figured Miss L's shirt was going to cover it. 

Still can't get her to pose. She just wants to watch herself dance in M's mirror.

More dancing, and yes, I am washing M's bed skirt, ignore the frightening teal box springs.


  1. Another sewing success and it's reversible right? I am feeling like a big old lazy butt. However I did bring home my tray from painting class. I need to varnish it but I may just have to take a picture now. sniff

    1. Yup, fully reversible. We,uh, had a little accident before I could snap pics of the reverse. Once it's washed I send you photos of the "inside". All she wanted to do was twirl, taking her pic right now is hard!