Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pillowcase Dress

Another craft done! My first attempt at a pillowcase dress like the ones all over Pinterest, not too shabby! I might widen the armholes a smidge, I haven't reinforced them yet for that very purpose. When Michael saw the dress he asked when I bought it. I told him I made it to which he replied, "Are you sure you didn't buy that?" I guess this means I passed the 9 yr old boy test :)

 She would not smile for me....

 In these last two she is pretending to be the tooth fairy.
And this last pic is the beauties I found in storage when cleaning out my childhood. A Popple, 2 Pound Puppies, 2 Pound Purries, and Kerry Inez, my beloved Cabbage Patch Kid. There was a CBK pony, however Miss L didn't want him photographed.


  1. I love the dress. Will you make one for me?

  2. I think for ladies of distinction, we don't wear pillowcase dresses, we wear caftans :)