Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frank, My New Best Friend

Since we did so much for Michael's Birthday, we had to do something special for Miss L's Halloween party. I signed up for games, and promptly did nothing until Sunday, when I realized I still hadn't done a thing yet. An internet search for Monster games came up with Monster Toss, courtesy of Lil' Luna. It's not overtly Halloween, she made her's for a birthday party, but I figured this way we could use it again for other parties. What's scary is all I had to buy was the wood and beans, I had the paint and fabric already. 
Not bad for $8 bucks.
This is Frank. Miss L is in love with Frank, she even let him sleep in her room last night. Not only is he a bean bag toss game, he is also a photo op.

Here are just 2 of the cuties from the party, Miss L and Miss C. The kids had a blast! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Michael is obsessed with a video game Minecraft. Heard of it? No? Then you haven't been within a 5 mile radius of a 10 year old boy lately. Think Legos on an epic scale, everything is square.

This is the Halloween costume I made for Michael, it's a Creeper, a Minecraft bad guy. We had a school Fall Fun Night a couple weeks ago.
I got the idea from Wonder How To: Halloween Ideas, they posted a variety of paper configurations to glue onto the boxes I snagged from recycle. Michael and his friends loved it!

Next up was Michael's Birthday party, and the fabulous invite I found at Flufflepot. Not only was the invite super awesome, her blog about her and her own son's fascination with Minecraft is flippin' hilarious.
To complete the Minecraft shenanigans, I had a Minecraft cake made to order (I am not that good of a cake decorator) from Kleaver Kreations.
This is what a cake looks like in the game, and the box to the left was the party favors filled with Minecraft related items. All in all we had an awesome party (Laser Tag), and the boys LOVED the Minecraft theme.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Long Time No See

I have been AWOL for the past month.  Family shenanigans have kept me busy.  I need to reclaim my life and enjoy the simple things again.  I love the picture below.  The hanging planter reminds me of the 1970s macrame hangers.  It also would solve the problem of indoor kitties munching on house plants.