Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frank, My New Best Friend

Since we did so much for Michael's Birthday, we had to do something special for Miss L's Halloween party. I signed up for games, and promptly did nothing until Sunday, when I realized I still hadn't done a thing yet. An internet search for Monster games came up with Monster Toss, courtesy of Lil' Luna. It's not overtly Halloween, she made her's for a birthday party, but I figured this way we could use it again for other parties. What's scary is all I had to buy was the wood and beans, I had the paint and fabric already. 
Not bad for $8 bucks.
This is Frank. Miss L is in love with Frank, she even let him sleep in her room last night. Not only is he a bean bag toss game, he is also a photo op.

Here are just 2 of the cuties from the party, Miss L and Miss C. The kids had a blast! 


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    1. So I deleted your duplicate post, now it looks like you said something naughty :)

  2. Maybe you should start a little side business?