Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homemade Christmas

Jiminy Crickets! Has it really been since BEFORE HALLOWEEN that either of us posted?!? Where did November go? Christmas is almost upon us! I will have to post double time to make up for lost time... 

A few years ago my mom came up with the idea for Homemade Christmas, which is that at least one Christmas gift must be homemade, and if recycling is involved, even better. We all felt that the mass produced/commercial-ness of Christmas had gotten to be a bit much (although we still buy most presents anyway), we had to put some time and effort into at least one gift. It's been easy with the kids, we try to do a homemade ornament every year. Last year I scrap booked Rachael a Joy Christmas picture and made Mom a teacup pincushion. Here are some of the ideas I have knocking around in my head.

First up, this year's kid ornament from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug:
Only I am thinking of using my thumb as the bottom, M's as the middle, and Miss L as the top of the snowman.

For gifts, I am just really digging these penny-letters from The Crafted Sparrow:

Another idea is an M craft we did for Cub Scouts that's also featured here at Moms by Heart.net:
And finally, in digging through my crafty-mess, I found a certain incomplete project similar to this I did for Ray-Ray a couple years ago....
Well, that's it for tonight, shall post again tomorrow!

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  1. Look at you, all posty and DIY. I will have to post pics of my too few homemade Christmas after the fact, for obvious reasons.