Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dreaming Of English Gardens

I've been wasting time relaxing this afternoon after a wonderful restorative yoga class this morning.  I came across some pretty pictures of English cottage gardens and they stirred up some memories.  My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed in England in the late sixties.  The cottage below looks just like the one that was across the street from our house in Great Bardfield.  We watched it being re-thatched one summer

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We used to travel in the summers.  One weekend we got horribly lost, tired, and very cranky.  We came across a little coastal town in Cornwall called Fowey.  My parents got us a couple of rooms in a bed and breakfast. Imagine our surprise the next morning.  We explored this lovely town.  You could walk around private gardens like these.  Sometimes there were little containers at the entrance for donations.

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We loved Fowey so much that we came back the next summer to explore some more.  We went fishing on a rented boat and I remember catching a lot of mackerel.  The boat owner offered to clean then for us so we could have them for lunch.

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This picture reminds me of the Italian Coast except Fowey is much cooler in the summer.  What do you think? Isn't this a pretty little town?

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Admit One

Wow, I took a great big vacation from blogging for no good reason.  I'll start back with a DIY that I actually completed.  Ignore the crappy quality of the photo below.  I bought a shadow box at Hobby Lobby.  Don't forget to download your 40% off coupon that is always available. 

Then I downloaded and printed this background that just fit perfect.  My printer is running out of colored ink but I like the colors I got.  They match my stuff better.  I gathered up all the tickets I could find - old and new.  I am kind of a pack rat when it comes to collecting little memories.  This way they don't become clutter and it makes me smile and brings back great memories when I look at it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Month.....

Really. Where does the time go?!? It's been yet another month since either of us have posted. This is nuts! Oh well. Here are the pics from home made Christmas I meant to post last year. The first is the Snow White cape and dress for Miss L.

They are made from flannel and fleece, so she can be snuggley in this -5 degree ridiculousness we call winter. Would be nice if there was snow to go with! Next, I finally finished the Fairy Door for Mom with all the stuff she picked out.

We had a fabulous Christmas, and I hope you did too! Here is a pic of Miss L in all her Christmas excitement.