Sunday, April 14, 2013

They grow up so fast.....

Michael became a Boy Scout in February, where does the time go?!? He goes on his first campout in a couple of weeks, sniff, sniff. These are a few of the fabulous things the scout moms made for our crossing over.

 Karen made the centerpieces with her son with a picture from the boys first year of scouting and their last year of. scouting. She also made the handkerchief programs based on a Pinterest post.
I repurposed the boys blue Cub Scout shirts into a badge display case. The Scout Store had something similar for $56.00!! I found display frames on sale for $5.00, so we saved a considerable amount there. Tara found us Cub Scout themed photo albums, so we could scrapbook their Cub Scout career. And finally, the belt loop display case the boys built for their Craftsmen Activity Badge.
And here they are, with their new handkerchiefs and hats. (Are we the Supersized Family or what?)

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