Tuesday, April 15, 2014

14th Anniversary: Ivory or Gold Jewelry

Happy 14th Anniversary to us! Here we are, making the late 90's and early 00's look awesome!
This year the themed gifts for the 14th anniversary is ivory or gold jewelry, neither of which I am all that excited about. We do try to keep to the theme as much as we can, but there is no way I am buying/receiving anything ivory. Mike did buy me a pair of beautiful vintage crystal earrings when he was in California last month, I told him they worked great as an anniversary gift, even though they aren't gold. He picked out a watch, which is technically next year, but hey, at least it is on the list!

Sunday Grandma, Miss L, and I went to the Fancy Nancy Tea Party, which Miss L absolutely LOVED!! (Side note, the Tea Party was held at Stafford's Bay View Inn, where I worked in high school some 20 years ago AND where Mike and I held our wedding reception!) She won the drawing for the 2 pack of Fancy Nancy books and the Melissa and Doug Peel and Press Mirror. She had so much fun, and we got to hear the choir an old friend from high school directs. Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mike's Birthday Dragon Cake

Happy Birthday, Mike!

So it's my husband's birthday today, and Miss L wanted to bake him a cake.
Me: "What kind of a cake do you want, chocolate, vanilla, funfetti..."
Mike: "White on white, and make something fun shaped."
Me: "Ummmm, ahhh....."
Give some fabric or a glue gun, and I can muddle through almost any craft with decent results. Cake decorating? Not so much. And as Miss L is only 4, there is only so much we can do. So I asked Miss L what she wanted to make for her dad.
Miss L: "PURPLE DRAGON! A BIG purple dragon."
So I googled dragon cakes, here were my top 3 faves.

Mike's Amazing Cakes via Foodiggity

Dragon Cake by Roxanne Carr via Elfwood

Unknown (Possibly MadHouse Bakes by Tonya Alvey) via This Annoying Site

I did find kid dragon birthday cakes, and we gave it our best! Miss L loves it, so I guess that's the point, right?
Our almost Pinstrosity:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fancy Nancy and The Mermaid Ballet

Miss L, Grandma, and I are going to a Fancy Nancy Tea Party next weekend.
 The thrilling part (that's fancy for exciting) is that the little ladies that come to tea dress in their best Fancy Nancy garb. For the Fancy Nancy Tea Party Lily wants to go as Nancy from The Mermaid Ballet. We were missing the shell tiara, so we bought a candle wreath from Joann's and hot glued 30 years worth of mini sea shells. For everyone heading to the shore next week, here's something you can do with all your shells!